Split the Baby

Cut that Baby in Half with a Sharp Penstroke

A few years ago, I created a truly evil villain; she was supremely pathological and committed to the Motherland. I had meticulously mapped out her role as a double, double dastardly evil agent. But, this month my writing slowed, I couldn’t work the plot. I was frustrated and dismayed.

Writers often talk of killing their babies, otherwise known as, removing a character who doesn’t fit or serve a purpose, someone you truly love but need to live without. More

Write in Peace, Derek Walcott


Poet, playwright and Nobel laureate, Derek Walcott died Friday. He was 87 years young. Sir Derek Walcott won the 1992 Nobel Prize for literature among many other awards. He was a very successful poet, no small feat in a world that does not recognize or read of listen to poetry. He was and is now no longer among us, yet forever his poetry will live on with his many accomplishments. More

To Free a Man to Fight… and other BS

Yup, welcome to more than 3,000 words of venting… long overdue.


This memoir is my response to the latest Marine Corps scandal involving male Marines treating WMs with disrespect. I want to share what it was like for me. It is only my experience and from my limited time as a Marine. I do not in any way understand the challenges of the new combat women Marines but they have my utter respect and support. Does it deserve a place on a writer’s blog? Well, I’m writing it. Consider it a study in character and behavior of a segment of the military no one really talks about. More

My New Little Black Book


I spend a lot of time with a special group of dear friends and a few frenemies who have local addresses but they aren’t in any phone book because I invented them. Two of the towns, exist only in my books. Yesterday, I tried to remember the name of a nosy neighbor in Mount Merryhill and the name of a cantankerous potter living in Fast Creek. It took me an hour to find the names. I sarcastically told the dog at my feet that I wished I could just look them up in an address book. More

Falling off the Horse, Means Getting Back On

When Writing Slips Back Into Hobby, Get Back to Business

I love learning. I take course online to keep my skills relevant and to learn new ones. I am a firm believer that working in the arts is a business. I was an illustrator, graphic designer, digital developer when I ran my own web design business. I loved getting a check in the mail. I had no problem charging money for my work. Although, I often say I was a bad business woman, the truth is I hated being a bill collector, books keeper and administrative dogsbody. More

When Stress-Maker is Out of Your Control

I quit my job in the 90’s during a heated discussion, my boss burst a blood vessel in his eye. Trust me, seeing one happen is frigging scary. I freaked and went home early and on the way I got a bloody nose. I never get bloody nose. I immediately got off the bus and walked to my doctor’s office. She saw me right away (the blood down my shirt…) and gave me a quick check up. She told me that it takes an impressive spike in blood pressure to burst a blood vessel and that I needed to calm down. No, I thought, I need to quit. More

Writing Under a Reality Cloud Pouring Down Crazy

I can write an incredible number of words when I’m on a roll and then I can get blindsided. Busking in the subway spouting bad poetry hoping for words to be dropped into my empty coffee cup. Some writers call it a writer’s block and in one way I can agree but I prefer to call it a safety stop. If writing a book is a hike, then occasionally I encounter a stream, river or ocean. I need to get across and sometimes the story provides a ferry or a bridge, other times I’m going to have to find my own way across. I can do it dirty and hope I can later replace the rickety board I used with a horse who likes fording water. And this stream of metaphor consciousness is just a evasive way of saying I have encountered a glitch. More

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