And now what?

We are living in a situation none of us have seen before and It is hard to know what to do. Should I go to church this morning, even though the Bishop has  mandated no services for two weeks? My church is following his directive, but others are open. I have a little cough, so guess I will stay home out of respect for others.

But there is a funeral this afternoon that I must attend.

And so it goes … decisions based on our welfare vs. the welfare of others in our community.

People seem to be reacting in so many wildly opposite ways. Panic buying for one thing, and then there are those who offer to bring groceries or medicine to those who cannot get to a store. People turning to God and others blaming the government.  Conspiracy theories. Voluntary confinement  and people determined to go abut business as usual.

One thing for sure, the virus has affected everyone I know in tangible and intangible ways. College kids returning home, spring break plans cancelled. People out of work … I have a grandson in the music business and with concerts cancelled, so is his paycheck. I  know people who saw their life savings cut in half when the stock market dropped a gazillion points. People who can work from home are staying there, while health care workers put their own fears and anxiety aside to help the sick.

So what do we do while hunkering down, trying to stay calm, and taking our temperature every five minutes?

If you have children home from school, you don’t need any ideas. You are too busy to worry about the downtime.

But many of us live alone. There is just so much TV you can watch, just so many books you can read, although I admit I have done both. A little cross stitch, some basketry. Talking on the phone or texting to friends and relatives. And yes, making quick, furtive trips to the store for essentials — and why people are stripping the shelves of toilet paper and bottled water is a mystery.  My essentials run to kitty litter and ice cream.

It is hard to look on the bright side. I had no less than five events lined up for this week, including a book talk at the library. They were, like a row of dominoes, cancelled one by one. The calendar that was so full is now empty.

But I also received the edits I have been waiting for, so there is that. I now have time to work my work in progress and push up my deadline, not back.

There is one thing I might suggest, and that is to limit your TV news watching. We need to be informed, but 24-7 is just going to add stress you don’t need. And for heaven’s sake, avoid FaceBook. I have never seen such hatred in my life.  Shouldn’t we be coming together instead of spreading blame and bigotry?

God bless each of you. Stay safe. Stay well.




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  1. CrizGazr
    Mar 25, 2020 @ 10:47:56

    It is a new world for us right now. Two weeks ago I called our doctor in Florida wondering if we should still drive down for the ultrasound – he assured me universal precautions would be enough. I’ve worked with live viruses, so I sticked up on gloves, lysol, towels and soap. I also saw nothing on the news, so we went down – we were very careful and managed only one rest stop each way during a ten hour drive down and a 12 hour drive back. It wasn’t until I got back and heard the reports China had learned about the virus and regretted our trip. But I can’t undo it. The unique thing about this virus that sets it apart from so many we consider familiar is that in addition to a long 2-3 week incubation period between exposure and symptoms, it is infectious during the no-symptom phase! Now we are self isolating for three weeks and hope everyone stays safe. I would recommend limiting news to latest updates and keeping stress under control. When they talk about there months, I wonder what kind of world my little girl will be born into in July!


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