The Willing Hostage

miss you / kiss you

miss you/kiss you

A writer’s retreat is something that most people think involves travel to reach that mystical land of magical thinking. I am not that person, I put the emphasis on ‘treat’ in retreat. I make my own magic, when and where I need it. I am a big fan of the StayCation, which was more fun in Boston and DC but hey, at least in Mayberry I’ll actually stay home and write! My husband left yesterday on an epic 10 day  road trip with his 90-year-old Grandfather. I can follow him using  iCloud and Find my iPhone, which is proving one of the two is a liar. He is either in the woods behind the BoJangles, as the App insists or on the other side of RT 95 in a Waffle House where he claims to be eating a sausage egg sandwich (no waffles?). I get to imagine all kinds of dark and sinister scenarios. Why did they drive to the woods outside Wilson, NC yet claim to be in a Waffle House?

and he's off!

and he’s off!

I am eager for this break, 10 days without distractions (yes, I am delusional) –For those who know me, this simply can never be true; as the four siberian huskies who hold me hostage will undoubtedly prove. They have been oddly cooperative and are   most of the day sleeping. They also did not bark in my face at 4 am, like they usually do when the Alpha Man in bed. I am not complaining, it’s all good. I guess, 4 a.m. barking translates: “Hey Alpha Bitch (dog term) tell the Alpha Man there is an oppossum in the tree, we want him to see it too. Maybe join us for a late night snack.” Without Alpha man, who cares… certainly, not the woman -they know me so well!

not the daddy!

not the daddy!

I fell asleep with an audiobook on my iPod and woke to Quinn lying on the headphones apparently listening to Martha Grimes’ The Man with a Load of Mischief. So, glad his days of eating my earbuds are in the past! He huffed and sighed when I took my iPhone back! He’s my baby, totally corrupted. So, day one begins!

I have a recharge planned. Body and Soul, and Words on the Page. My friend has finished her Ayurvedic training and I am a willing volunteer guinea pig. We get to talk shit, literally as we discuss my Dosha issues. Contrary to the ill-informed, I am not Kapha. I am a Vatta/Pitta with unresolved pain and anger crushing my soul. Well, maybe, I do allow people to push me around, treat me like a doormat and try to fix me with their limited wisdom. No, I am not going to go all Marine on anyone, I am going to settle into my bliss. Concentrate on my yoga, meditation, trying Ayurvedic modalities to balance my Pitta and strengthen my Vatta and tame the rising Kapha. Or so I envision this week via my over-active imagination.

Eye spy husband

Eye spy husband

I am eager for the writing. I got my scoresheets back from the Lone Star and one of my Judges responded to my thank you note and has offered to mentor me! Wow, she’s a writing professor, a published author and agrees with my assessment of my book and her critiques. I am kind of stunned. I have mentored many young woman over the course of my many careers but I’ve never had a mentor. I feel very honored. She agrees with my new plan of chapter shuffling and character changes, now I must send her a new outline and we will go from there. A new adventure!

So, the StayRetreat begins with my evil and cunning mastery of technology: ten days of spying on my husband via satellite, which works well with my espionage story and writing, …writing, writing, followed by more writing. I have two new apps: AntiSocial and Freedom, which turn off the Internet and stop all messages and notifications on my laptop. So, nothing for me but me –well except for one trip to the vet with Lulu tomorrow and some weeding but that is for exercise. My meals in the screen room with the carnivores when I’m hungry. RWA talks on the iSpeakers and the occasional Netflix background noise. I feel the stress just dripping off me. It feels like and adventure because it is an adventure!

downward dog yogi instructor

downward dog yogi instructor

So, talk soon, work hard, write right! I am going into the bat cave!

Now for Kundalini Yoga with my new yogi, QuinsterMister!



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